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World Photo Day

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Today it’s World Photo Day, marking the invention of photography. Here’s to the photos that gives us new perspective on the world, bringing us closer together. Some history… The date behind World Photo Day originates from the invention of the…


Quotes & Pictures

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Quotes and pictures. Something most of us love. When I look at pictures they always (if it’s a good picture) make me feel something that I often can’t put into words. Those moments are amazing and they make a picture…


Fancy That – April

Kyle DeWitt, Ocean of Posts, Photography

This is another one of Kyle’s favorite pictures. And I totally get why. I met April 2 years ago (time flies) and she is a very kind, enthusiastic, fun,… person. Do check out her fashion blog “Fancy That.” Here is…


Dockweiler Beach

Kyle DeWitt, Ocean of Posts, Photography

Another favorite photo of Kyle DeWitt. What I personally love about this photo is that it makes me wonder what the person at the end of the dock is thinking.  It gives a ‘sad’ impression, but as you’ll read in…


Arch Rock, Joshua Tree

Kyle DeWitt, Ocean of Posts

As a part of his ‘Passionately Inspiring Series’ edition, I asked Kyle DeWitt to select 5 of his favorite photos, in random order. This is the first photo. It is one of his favorite photos because it is a good…


Kyle DeWitt – Interview

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Kyle DeWitt, a passionate photographer, is the one kicking off my ‘Passionately Inspiring Series’. He might be unknown to you, but that is something I want to change. Here is why… As Karl Lagerfeld once said: ‘What I love about…