What if you could have anything you wanted? What if nothing could stop you? What if ALL your dreams came true?

I’m a dreamer and also a doer. I truly believe that if you really want something, you have to work hard for it and eventually it will happen. Sometimes we have to be a bit realistic though, not ALL your dreams can come true, some really do feel impossible. But if you look closely to the word ‘impossible’, it does say ‘I’m possible’ ;).
When we were in France for a short break this summer, we went for a walk. We started in the garden of a castle, and ended up wandering around. One of the things I love about walking is that we talk. We take / have the time to talk about everything on our minds, we connect on different levels, and our minds wander around. Well, my mind often wanders around and I dream, sometimes I dare to even dream out loud.
Well during our walk, we stumbled upon an abandoned, decayed ‘little castle’; surrounded by trees, a stream, cows, a lot of green,… Far away from busy roads, or cities,… – in the middle of nowhere. Isn’t it magical when you see your ‘dream’ right in front of you? It isn’t exactly your dream but it awakens something in you and it makes you think / dream about ‘what if….’?  
And that is one of my answers to the question ‘What if nothing could stop me?’ I would buy an old farm and renovate it. Have a huge ‘vegetable garden’, chickens, a lot of fruit trees maybe some sheep,…Surrounded by nature. Right now that is one of my dreams and it’s been there for a while. So who knows…
There is something magical about dreams. It awakens something deep inside you and it somehow gives you the opportunity to get to know yourself even better. It gives you a happy feeling. The moment I saw that little castle, I was mesmerized and for the few minutes I was standing in front of it, I could see myself living there. Who knows what the future will bring? Anything could happen. Anything is possible. Everything starts with a dream!
What if nothing could stop you? What would you do?