An artist is an explorer

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One of my favorite artists; Carolyn Gavin. Her work is amazing!! An artist is an explorer. Henri Matisse     Beautiful right? Check out more of her work on instagram. All credit: Carolyn Gavin


Kyle DeWitt – Interview

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Kyle DeWitt, a passionate photographer, is the one kicking off my ‘Passionately Inspiring Series’. He might be unknown to you, but that is something I want to change. Here is why… As Karl Lagerfeld once said: ‘What I love about…


This is why… (I)

Carpe Diem, Ocean of Posts

… I am a cancer research technician. This chapter of my life started in 2007. When you graduate from high school, you are 18years old here in Belgium. 18 years and you have to make a decision about what you…


See The Light

Carpe Diem, Ocean of Posts

‘It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light’ – Aristotle It’s the first time in my ‘professional’ life where I’m challenged to see the good thing in something bad. As some of you might…