“There is something special about interviewing passionate people. It’s inspiring and at the same time it awakens a fire inside of me, motivating me to pursue my passion. The best way to learn or to get to know someone better, is by asking questions. Below, you can find an overview of interviews I’ve done over the years. This is a growing list, so stay tuned for more inspiring interviews.”


Traveller Collective

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My first interview of 2017 is with Darryl, the founder of Traveller Collective. As most of you know, I’m a huge fan of traveling. I love exploring new places/ countries and I know that I’m lucky that I’m able to…


Kyle DeWitt – Interview

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Kyle DeWitt, a passionate photographer, is the one kicking off my ‘Passionately Inspiring Series’. He might be unknown to you, but that is something I want to change. Here is why… As Karl Lagerfeld once said: ‘What I love about…


Erin Schrode – Interview

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Global Wanderer. Optimist. Green Girl. Humanitarian. Educator. Activist. Speaker.…  The White House described her as ‘A dynamic, passionate, and ambitious young woman committed to creating big change.’  Erin Schrode is a few years younger than me, but her resume is…


MaxLove Project – Interview

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One organization that in my opinion gained quite a lot of popularity the past few weeks is ‘MaxLove Project’. There was a simple social media campaign set up in honor of ‘National Childhood Cancer Awareness’ month between The Honest Company…