I had to share this short animation movie, created by Laurent Witz, about an idea sparked by a moment of inspiration.


An idea can be sparked by a moment of inspiration.
But making that idea come true, takes time and hard work.
It evolves, moulds into shape, and grows.
It spreads its wings in a flash. Carried by the winds of inspiration, it travels from region to region and across borders.
The idea moves from one mind to another, from one hand to another.
Drawing inspiration from each group’s new input.
In a heartbeat, the idea comes to life and takes flight.
Soaring higher than anyone could have dreamed, even its inventors.
Ideas bring us together. We work together to make them reality. Together we create change!

Laurent Witz, Zeilt production, winner of the 2014 Oscar for best animated short with ‘Mr Hublot’ explains: “The degree of detail required for the characters, the surroundings and the intensity of the film’s atmosphere posed a major technological and artistic challenge because of the blending of techniques. We approach every project as a new challenge, and this film represents a first for us. We put the project together in the same way as in the story depicted in the film, and the process was a perfect illustration of the message we are conveying: meetings, teamwork and synergies always take us to the next level.” The ‘Let’s make it happen’ spirit is perfectly illustrated in this animation movie, mixing 3D animations and real shooting sequences. The characters and symbols embody Luxembourg’s dynamism, multiculturality and unique character.