What makes a leader, a leader? What makes a leader great?

The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.
Ronald Reagan

I agree 100% with Ronald Reagan. A leader should bring out the best in people, motivate them to do better, be better,…  
Something I recently read on LinkedIn and that I wanted to share are the ’10 qualities of a great leader’:

  • Empowerment
    “Leaders closer to the work can make quicker and more informed decisions based on data, research, best practices, and proximity to the customer.”
  • Engagement
    “Join your teams in the trenches to not only stay grounded in the realities of the business, but also to inspire them to unleash their passions and talents around a shared vision.”
  • Influence
    “Being able to influence others without having direct authority is extremely important. Positive influence sparks motivation and engagement.”
  • Innovation
    “Leaders at all levels must incubate and incentivize creativity and innovation by supporting experimentation and learning, including the permission to fail.”
  • Communication
    “Strong communication fosters alignment on activities, resources  and priorities. It also promotes the sharing of results, insights and best practices across the organisation.”
  • Problem solving
    “Problem solving should be a continuous activity. Constantly challenge the status quo. Don’t approach problems linearly, but rather more expansively to realize a greater impact.”  
  • Transparency
    “Transparency builds strong relationships, creates authenticity, engenders trust and drives higher levels of performance.” 
  • Adaptability
    “An adaptable leader must deal with unpredictable and changing situations with dexterity and confidence using strong interpersonal and cross-cultural skills.” 
  • Empathy
    “Exuding empathy paired with active listening and humility will boost staff performance and morale.” 
  • Continuous learning
    “Leaders must continuously acquire new knowledge, seek out best practices, sharpen skills and gain fresh perspectives.”

A great L.E.A.D.E.R. acronym is: Learn – Empower – Adapt – Delegate – Engage – Reflect