2017 has been a busy year when it came to my personal life; having a wedding to plan, work in our garden, getting married, some travelling and realizing you’re pregnant, working on charities,… My priorities changed and the blogging part was placed a bit in the background. I did try out some things – blog series – but I focused on writing high quality blogs. I published 97blogs in 2017, which isn’t bad but it is not what I set as a goal. However the blogs that I did write were things I wanted to write about and share. There were some interviews this year, quite a lot of quote blogs, my thoughts,… And the blogs were appreciated by you.

To officially end my 2017 blogging year, aka my 5th year of BFellicious.com, I decided to make a review of 2017. So here is a short review of my blogs and how they were received by you all.

Top 10 blogs written in 2017:

  1. A Grand Masterpiece
  2. Energy, Passion & Persistence
  3. Jessica Capshaw
  4. 10 Life Lessons I learned from Jessica Capshaw
  5. The best part about airports
  6. Important Lessons by Christopher Gavigan
  7. Suitcase of Memories – Interview with Jenny
  8. Jessica Capshaw on chances
  9. Friends for LIFE
  10. Taylor Schilling on living authentically

Top 5 blogs read the most in 2017 (not specifically written in 2017):

  1. Life Lessons – Dr. Arizona Robbins
  2. Why Worry? Some Leonardo DiCaprio advice
  3. A Grand Masterpiece
  4. Energy, Passion & Persistence
  5. Wentworth Miller

Interviews of 2017:

Top 15 blogs of 5 years of BFellicious:

  1. Jessica Capshaw’s Advice
  2. Life Lesson’s – Dr. Arizona Robbins
  3. Sara Ramirez
  4. Why Worry? Some Leonardo DiCaprio advice
  5. Wardell
  6. About Me
  7. Christopher Gavigan
  8. The Honest Company: Then & Now
  9. The Phenomenal Jessica Capshaw
  10. Wentworth Miller
  11. Top 5 Cat Instagrams
  12. The Honest Company: Surprising Honest
  13. Kim Leuenberger – Interview
  14. Be Inspired
  15. Fact: hottest place on earth – Death Valley

And to end my review, the last 5 blogs I wrote in 2017 that you could have missed…

At the moment I’m not really setting any ‘blogging’ goals for 2018. Because I have 1 big change in 2018; motherhood. That is without a doubt going to be my number 1 priority. But I’m going to do my utmost best to give a weekly update on BFellicious, I will be quite active when it comes to charity projects.

What would you love to read more about in 2018? (you can select 3 options)


Have a wonderful end of 2017 and an amazing start of 2018 everyone!

x Felien x