When I was a child, let’s say about 6 years old, I would do anything for a cookie. Not that that has changed a lot ;). Anyway, when I was going to kindergarten it was common that some children were called to go to a class for extra help with reading or other things like that. I didn’t need that, but I did notice that the children coming back from that ‘class’ got a cookie… And that is where the ‘devil’ in me came to life. I was able to tell the kid going to that class that the teacher had to call me. That plan worked out and I was called to go to that class. Once that class was over, I went back to my normal class, super happy with a cookie in my hand. However what I didn’t expect was that my kindergarten teacher, ‘Juf Els’, noticed my cookie and she of course knew that I didn’t need that ‘extra’ class. Juf Els was of course a bit mad and told my mom. That story is one of ‘The Felien Stories’ and one I remember vividly.

Even though I was only 6 years old, I’ve always had a soft spot for Juf Els, a special connection. I’m not sure how it all happened, but we stayed in contact. We did lose contact for a few years, I think moving to a different city played a big role in that, but today we are still in contact by writing letters or cards. It is someone who had a big impact on my life and someone who I cannot forget. So when I was getting married I definitely wanted Juf Els to be there. And she was!

Juf Els and myself – May 27, 2017

The moment I saw her and vice versa was a pretty emotional moment for the both of us I think, since we hadn’t seen each other in years. I had a big smile on my face, an unforgettable moment! I love her, my parents love her,… What a sweet reunion!

People destined to meet will do so, apparantly by chance, at precisely the right moment.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s been more than 20 years, but you will always be my Juf Els! Thank you for everything! <3