I’ve probably said this a few times before, but here I go again! I never thought that social media could be a place where you could meet people who basically change your life for the best. Some of my closest friends are people I got to know via social media. I haven’t met them all yet in ‘real life’, but I hope they know how important they are to me. (Yes, you ladies!) In this post I want to focus on 2 of them; 2 ladies I’ve known for years now; it even feels like they’ve always been around.

Anna & Anna; my travel buddies, my witnesses, my best friends! We live in different countries; which doesn’t always makes it easy, but when we get together… it always turns out to be spectacular. One of the most amazing, unforgettable moments, was our holiday in the USA. The first time I visited the USA and wow… what a trip it turned out to be. We met the people who brought us together; Jessica Capshaw and Sasha Alexander.

I was incredibly honored when then both said ‘yes’ when I asked them to be my witnesses on my wedding day. The fact that they travelled all the way to be with me on my special day is something I will never forget!

What I truly love about our friendship is, that when a reunion ends, we always start making plans for the next one. Our ‘gang’ will be growing with babies, and it won’t be easy to make plans, but I’m very excited for our next adventures! Thank you for everything ladies!!!
And to the people I didn’t meet yet, I cannot wait for us to meet!