Fear. Let’s talk about it. What is fear to you? What do you fear?

Fear is such a strong word, most of the time seen as something bad, something negative, something you should stay away from,… Maybe we think nothing good can come from fear. And that is where we are wrong.

We all got fears. Maybe you don’t want think about your fears, because it gives you the chills or it gives you a high heartrate or it just gives you a bad feeling. My fear(s) are often caused by a low self-esteem, a lack of confidence sort to speak. Which in the end leads to a lot of doubts, more stress than is healthy,… In the end that fear doesn’t really make sense, because you (often) have to leave your comfort zone in order to get somewhere. And that is what I definitely learned over the years ‘Leave your comfort zone’, playing on the safe side will always make you wonder about the ‘what if’s.’

The fear I’m most of the time confronted with is when it comes to launching my projects / charities / Social Goodness Acts. Setting up these projects is a passion I discovered a few years ago by accident. It is basically a challenge I’ve come to need, to feel a bit more satisfied. Once an idea is alive in my mind, I start to work on it quite intensively. The brainstorming is just the beginning, working out a plan, the details,… Seeing it all come together is the rush I love. Of course there are ups and downs, but those are all part of the process.

So when everything is set and ready to go, I start to lose my confidence, because it is that important to me. There is that fear that my project will not get the response I hoped for and that it will turn out to be a big failure. Then it is my ‘job’ to overcome that fear and just go for it. There are times I haven’t launched projects, even though I invested money into it, because somehow I no longer believed in it and then I did have the what if’s. So I’m never really able to let go of that project then and that can be frustrating. Overcoming my fears when it comes to projects is definitely what I need to do. Usually in the end it does turn out to be ok, and worth the risks and totally not worthy of the ‘fear’.

What is your fear?

F-E-A-R has two meanings:
‘Forget Everything And Run’
‘Face Everything And Rise’
~ Zig Ziglar ~