“In order to achieve greatness, you have to be willing to take the right steps towards it. Some of us will settle for what is average. Some of us will settle for what will get us by in life. But some of us do not accept anything less than what is extraordinary, and this is where the most stress is bound to come our way. What stands between us en that extraordinary goal are hundreds of steps, and that blocks our image of that end goal. When we can’t see it, we start losing hope, and we start losing belief that we are headed in the right direction. We could stand in front of the first step for as long as we want and waste time. Or we could go ahead and take the first step. Once we do that, it’s hard not to go to the next step, and the next, because we don’t want to lose what we just invested. Instead of looking too far ahead to see that end goal, pay attention to how you can nail the next step and believe in your heart that your end goal exists. Now do you see why some things in life are better than others? Because of the uncertainty of being able to reach them. So, if you have an extraordinary goal, go for it. Take the first step. Giving up is not easy, but holding on is definitely harder. Once you can convince yourself that you need to expect hardships in pursuit of greatness, then you have taken your first step graciously. You wouldn’t worry about reaching for the fruits on the highest branches of a tree before planting the seed, would you?”


Credit: Mind Platter – Nawja Zebian