Don’t ever force yourself to live up to anyone’s standards. Make your own standards based on your abilities, based on your potential, and based on your vision for your future. Take time to figure out what the big picture in your life is, what your end goal is. This is personal to you. The conviction in your heart of this vision will make it shadow you wherever you go. It will guide your every step, decision, and plan. No one is more knowledgeable of the real you more than you are knowledgeable of yourself. So, why let others dictate what works and does not work for you? Do not settle for the label average or think that you no different than those around you. Be the phenomenal person that you know you can be.
Define phenomenal yourself. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else’s phenomenal. At all. You don’t live in people’s hearts to know who they really are. Don’t think that you deserve any less than what you have or that you don’t deserve any better. Don’t seek the acceptance of people who you think are a little bitter than you just because you want to feel that someone better than you accepted you into their life. What a miserable feeling that would be, to need someones acceptance to accept yourself. Have your own big dreams and pursue them because you know you can. No one is stopping you from that except yourself. Don’t live your whole life comparing yourself to people you think are better than you, trying to live up to them. Live your life working to make who you are today better than who you were yesterday and dreaming that who you will be tomorrow is better than who you are today. Do not give yourself any other option than becoming better. Don’t be anything other than positive. Celebrate your little successes and improvements. Imagine how truly happy you will be. 

~ Credit: Najwa Zebian; Mind Platter ~