Last week I read the ‘The Legacy Lab’ interview with Christopher Gavigan. If you know Christopher and read some of his interviews, then you know he has a way with words. So in this interview he talked about the origins of The Honest Company, legacy,… And then there was this question:

‘What advice would you give to others trying to build a successful brand legacy?’

 Even though I currently don’t have any active plans (yet) in building a brand, his answer woke me up (again).

 “I think there’s a sense of trusting in yourself in the sense that sometimes, as the John Burroughs quote goes, ‘Leap, and the net will appear.’ In a world where you have a lot of people trying to do a lot of cool things and there are a ton of great ideas, sometimes you just have to jump in with two feet and work a problem. For me, it’s remaining focused and knowing who you are and where you want to go, and just going for it. I feel like The Honest Company is exactly what I should be doing, and that feels really good.”

 The part that woke me up was:

“Remaining focused and knowing who you are and where you want to go, and just going for it.”

A lot of things happened in my life the past few months, all good things though! But I feel like I haven’t been able to breathe properly. From nature I’m a busy bee with a mind that doesn’t stop thinking and wandering around. That isn’t of course a bad thing, but personally right now for me it is kind of a breaking point. Nothing is making sense right now, besides my marriage ;). I worry about everything and I mean really everything. Distractions I shouldn’t even be thinking about, it’s ridiculous. And the fact is, I realize that those things don’t matter, but my mind is for some reason going into overdrive. I need it to stop, because there are more important things in life!

BFellicious and have always been super important to me. But even updating my blog has been energy absorbing the past few months. I always felt like ‘statistics’ are everything, a measure of quality and success. This is correct for success I think, but not for quality at all. There are so many topics worth writing about, topics that I’m passionate about, but with all the other things that are occupying my mind I can’t seem to focus and write the blogs I’ve always been proud of. I’ve been slightly losing the real BFellicious, and right now I don’t really feel comfortable and energized enough to continue 100% with I think the best way to describe my blog right now is as a maze and I need to find my focus back, so that it doesn’t feel like a hardship to keep it alive and going.

I will not stop posting, but I will take some steps back. Less social media (especially twitter), more me-time and time for people that I’ve slightly neglected, get my charity project up and running, focus on my passions,… It might be quiet for a while, but I will post blogs when I’m ready, just less. There will definitely be some ‘My Green Space‘ blogs, since I truly enjoy writing those. It’s going to be about quality and not quantity.

I just need to focus again, know where I want to go and leap! 

Thanks for reading! 🙂