I LOVE peas! Ever since I was a kid I loved peas. Which is why peas definitely had to be a part of my green adventure! However I learned my first lesson quite quickly when it comes to growing peas. You need A LOT of pea plants to have a decent harvest (aka more than 1 dish to make). I’m still harvesting now and then, but the different harvests are all quite small. I can’t make a decent dish of it. I can of course add them as an extra to a dish, but not a main dish for 2 persons. So that is definitely a lesson learned! 

I do love the evolution from seed to plant. It’s a beautiful and fascinating process; from seed (= a dried pea) to flower to pea.

From flower to pea

So next year, I will need to sow a lot more peas if I want to have a decent harvest.