Ladybugs also known as Lady Beetles; which is entomologically speaking more correct, because lady beetles belong to the order of Coleoptera or beetles. They are not bugs! ‘Hemelbeestje’ or ‘Lieveheersbeestje’ is what I usually call them. Try pronouncing ‘Lieveheersbeestje’ when you are a kid living in Belgium. 😉

I’ve always loved Lady Beetles, fascinating creatures and very cute. Since starting my vegetable garden they are even helping me out. About a week ago I stumbled upon quite a lot of aphids on some of my vegetables / plants. And that is where the Lady Beetles play an important role as beneficial predators. Lady Beetles love eating scale insects, mites and aphids. When the adult Lady Beetles are hungry they eat about 50 aphids per day. So I’m always welcoming Lady Beetles with open arms. Lucky me!

A fun fact… The spots on a Lady Beetle’s back have nothing to do with its age. Sometimes you can determine the Lady Beetle’s species by taking note of the position and number of markings. But not the age… and here I am still counting the spots when I see a Lady Beetle. 🙂


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