May 27, 2017; already one month since I got married! ‘Sweetest Devotion’ by Adele, was our first dance as husband and wife!

You will only be eternally
The one that I belong to
The sweetest devotion
Hit me like an explosion
All of my life I’ve been frozen
The sweetest devotion I know
I’ve been looking for you baby
In every face that I’ve ever known
And there is something about the way you love me
That finally feels like home
You’re my light, you’re my darkness
You’re the right kind of madness
You’re my hope, you’re my despair
You’re my scope of everything everywhere
Can’t wait to see Adele again on July 1st! 🙂


Credit photo on the dancefloor: @HannahSky (twitter)
Credit header photo: Annelies Vanhove