One of my 2017 resolutions was devoting more time to this part of my life, The first few months went pretty well, but then things happened. Planning a wedding is not to be underestimated. I got to marry the best one there is on May 27, 2017. And what a perfect day it was!

The past couple of months, I didn’t have much time to truly relax, read and write. Being away from this blog  did make me realize that I actually do miss it. So I will be updating BFellicious more regularly from now on.

In case you missed, I started 2017 with the challenge ‘post a blog every day’. It was something I wanted to at least try, because there are a lot of bloggers posting content every day. I still don’t know how they do it; to publish good content every single day, because I thought it was pretty hard to stay motivated during that challenge. Even though I finished the challenge, it’s not something I will do a lot, unless I have a really really good idea that gives me a range of topics. If you have suggestions do let me know!

In case you want to catch up on my blogs, here is an overview of the blog posts I made during that month, named ‘Felien’s ABC’:

A Adele
B Blue
C Cat
D Dream
E  Earth
 F  Family & Friends
 G  Grey’s Anatomy
 H  Happiness
 I  Impact
 J  Jessica Capshaw
K Kitchen
L London
M Moments
N Nature
O Outside
P Passion
Q Quality over Quantity
R Rag N’ Bone Man
S Sunrise & Sunset
T TED Talks
U Unique
V Values
W Writing
X XoXo
Y Yourself
Z Comfort Zone


Wedding photographer: Annelies Vanhove