Having a fast-track career ↔ Maintaining a vibrant family and social life

Making time to think ↔ Completing a task

Eating what you love ↔ Living a healthy lifestyle

Working for money ↔ Doing what you love

Having ‘me’ time ↔ Being social with others

Spending money now ↔  Saving for the future

Doing what you want ↔  Doing what is expected of you

Spending time with the kids ↔  Enjoying one-on-one time with your spouse

Pushing yourself to achieve more ↔  Stopping to smell the roses

Trying something new ↔ Overcoming fear of change

Advocating for you ideas ↔ Compromising to gain acceptance

Responding to requests ↔ Focusing on your priorities

Requesting help ↔  Being self-sufficient

Following the crowd ↔ Following your instinct

Holding people accountable ↔  Forgiving and forgetting

Controlling the activity ↔ Delegating responsibility

Waiting for someone ↔  Moving on

Following your heart ↔ Listening to your head