Sometimes we all need some time to ourselves. Here are 50 things to do by yourself:

  1. Start your own vegetable patch or herb garden.
  2. Meditate – Sit, be still
  3. Spend a day at a museum or art gallery
  4. Cook something that you have never made before
  5. Make a list of how you want to feel
  6. Have dinner at a nice restaurant
  7. Read your favorite chapter from a book you love
  8. Go to a farmer’s market
  9. Go for a walk in nature
  10. Make popcorn and have a movie night
  11. Listen to an album from start to finish without doing anything
  12. Go out for a long Sunday brunch
  13. See a film at the cinema
  14. Do a grocery shop at your favourite organic grocers
  15. Create a mixed tape or playlists
  16. Ride your bike
  17. Rearrange your wardrobe
  18. Declutter your home
  19. visit the florist and pick your a bunch of flowers
  20. create a calming space in your home
  21. Make an altar for your crystals, meditation bowl & candles
  22. Donate your old books and clothes to charity
  23. Paint, draw, sketch, write
  24. Make a terrarium
  25. Go somewhere in the city
  26. Go to a gig and dance like crazy
  27. Read up on your horoscope
  28. Send a handwritten letter to a friend
  29. Create a vision board and bring your next adventure to life
  30. Make an acai bowl, topped with fruit, yoghurt & superfoods
  31. Light a candle, take a relaxing bath
  32. Journal & declare your dreams
  33. Do a face mask
  34. Roll out your mat and do yoga to rejuvenate
  35. Think of 50 questions and do some research
  36. Do a juice cleanse for the day
  37. Rearrange things in your room using Feng Shui
  38. Give an old chest of drawers some fresh paint
  39. Give yourself a mini retreat weekend
  40. Sleep, doze or power nap as much as you need to
  41. Sip a cup of tea and look out the window
  42. Go to the park with some sandwiches, a picnic blanket & a good book
  43. Catch up on your favorite blog posts
  44. Travel or do a day trip
  45. Give yourself a manicure
  46. Wake up early to see the sunrise
  47. Go for a jog or walk at the beach
  48. Sign up for a course
  49. Take a photo to depict each hour in your day
  50. Make a gratitude list

And don’t forget:

Credit: Pinterest