Values are so important in my life. Back in 2014 values played the main role in my project; ‘Token Of ValYou’. So here is a little throwback to my very first created keyring.

“I was raised by 2 amazing people. I’ve learned so much and I’m eternally grateful for that. There are 4 pillars in my life that I’ve learned while growing up and that are now obvious. Gratitude, Kindness, Respect and Honesty. Be grateful for what you have, what you’ve achieved so far and what is yet to happen. Be kind to other people. Respect people, the environment,… the way you want to be respected. And above all, be honest. Honesty is not always that easy. You can hurt people by being honest but you can also make them happy by being honest. It’s something you learn through life and all the challenges you go through.
Life wouldn’t be complete without family and friends. It would be an empty world and you would definitely get lost. Cherish them. Tell them you love them often. Because before you know it they are gone. I’m always up for a challenge. It makes my life even more exciting. I love exploring, going to places I’ve never been before or explore what I want in life. Stay true to who you are, but make sure you don’t stand still. Try to progress, really discover who you are, what you want,…. Be YOU! Have faith that everything will work out, trust yourself, your instincts,… And don’t forget to smile. Be who you are, remind yourself that you are who you are meant to be. Be proud!”

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What are the most important values in your life?