London, the city where I truly feel at home, even though I’m basically a stranger over there. My love for London started back in 2010. A once in a lifetime opportunity led me to a three month stay in London. Besides fully focusing on my cancer research intership, I was also able to explore London on my own, at my own pace. It was also the start of an incredible awesome mom – daughter annual getaway weekend. So once a year you will find my mom and me drinking our afternoon tea at the Kensington Palace Orangery, strolling all day long through the London parks,… quality time that I truly love and look forward to every single year.

Here are some of my favorite places in London. I do say ‘some’ because every corner in London has something special.

Hyde Park

Green park, my probably favorite park in London. Close to Buckingham Palace and Big Ben.

We always have lunch on our first day in London near St. Paul’s Cathedral.

London Bridge

Big Ben

A day visit to Kew Gardens is definitely worth it.

Architecture at its best

Peel back the pavement of a grand old city like London and you can find anything, from a first-century Roman fresco to a pair of medieval ice skates – even an elephant’s tooth. As one of Europe’s oldest capitals, London has been continuously lived in and built over by a succession of Romans, Saxons, Normans, Tudors, Georgians, Regency rakes, and Victorians, each of whom added to the pile. As a result the modern city sits atop a rich archaeological layer cake that’s as much as 30 feet high.
Source: National Geographic – February 2016.