Grey’s Anatomy!


Before I start with the reasons why I got hooked on Grey’s Anatomy, I have to be honest. I was not the first passenger on the McSteamy / McDreamy/Mc… train, when Grey’s Anatomy aired in 2005, I was about 15 years old (I know, I’m getting old don’t remind me) and at that moment I was totally falling head over heels in love with the guy with gorgeous blue/green eyes, whose upper body was fully tattooed, Michael Scofield in Prison Break. Priorities ;).

Credit photo: Grey’s ABC

13 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy so far. 13 seasons of excellent TV drama with a top cast. 13 seasons of ‘Oh My God’. 13 Seasons of ‘I’m done’. 13 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy and I’m still here. One mastermind who I love, respect and praise, but sometimes the ‘Oh My God, why did she do that? I’m done!!’ – feeling takes the upper hand; Shonda Rhimes, the person who showed us how to dance it out, stand in the sun and be our own person. (Read her book, by the way).

Failure is inevitable, unavoidable but failure should never get the last word. You have to hold on to what you want. You have to not take no for an answer and take what’s coming to you. Never give in, never give up. Stand up. Stand up and take it.

I got pulled in by season 2 and I was totally on the fast speeding Grey’s Anatomy train by season 6. Every time I ‘decided’ to stop watching I got pulled back in. I needed to know what was going to happen. The mix of emotions you go through while watching one episode of Grey’s Anatomy is super diverse. Even though I’m most of the time heartbroken and ready to throw in the towel, I feel like somehow I have to keep track of the show. It’s been with me for about 10 years, which is insane really and I want to be there till the end.

You never know the biggest day of your life is the biggest day. Not until its happening. You don’t recognize the biggest day of your life. Not until you’re right in the middle of it. The day you commit to something or someone… The day you get your heart broken. The day you meet your soul mate. The day you realize there’s not enough time… because you want to live forever. Those are the biggest days. The perfect days.

I can give you a lot of reasons why I love Grey’s Anatomy, but since I don’t want to make this blog too long, here are 3 of my reasons why I’m still on the Grey’s Anatomy train after 13 seasons:

  • The people: The mastermind, the writers, crew members, the superb cast,… they all make a masterpiece of this TV show. One way or another, even though it is fiction, you really start caring for the characters. After a while, you feel like you are a part of the journey.
  • The life lessons: One of the things I truly like about the show is the monologue at the beginning and end of the episode. I don’t know how the writers are always able to come up with something that good. It is often something I feel deep down, but I’m unable to put in words. They always hit the nail on the head.
  • The music: music has always been an important factor in my life. The role it plays in movies and TV shows is crucial, I believe it can make or break it. ‘How to Save a life / Chasing Cars’ is aka Grey’s Anatomy. There are some songs you can’t listen to without linking it to a scene in Grey’s Anatomy.

Why you should watch Grey’s Anatomy?
Well, if you want to have an evening where you can learn something medical related and at the same time scream/curse/cry/laugh out loud while watching television, then Grey’s Anatomy is an excellent choice. And to top it all off, the cast is pretty amazing. I do have to warn you, Grey’s Anatomy is basically a revolving door of cast members. There is always a possibility that your favorite will be killed – moving – … but the rollercoaster is insane. Oh yeah, drama & thrills. Thank God, my favorite character is still alive and kicking! 😉


They say the bigger your investment, the bigger your return. But you have to be willing to take a chance. You have to understand, you might lose it all. But if you take that chance, if you invest wisely, the payoff just might surprise you.