There is a quote that says:

A best friend is like a four-leaf clover… Hard to find, lucky to have!

The power of social media is sometimes underrated. Years ago I joined twitter to connect with other people with the same interests. To talk about TV shows, music, life,… and twitter turned out to be rather important to me. I never actually thought I could find what I actually did find. I met some of the most amazing people who I now daily talk to (you know who you are), but there are two people who are a huge huge part of my life now and I want to take this moment to thank them… Out of the blue I found two four-leaf clovers; Anna (M.) & Anna. In the beginning we talked about the things we had in common, we liked the same TV shows Grey’s Anatomy & Rizzoli Isles and we both love(d) the same actresses; Jessica Capshaw and Sasha Alexander. It was the start of a beautiful friendship, it brought us together. So I kind of have to thank Jessica and Sasha for finding these 2 four-leaf clovers. Thank you!

Jessica Capshaw & Sasha Alexander (credit photo: Anna)

Anna & Anna, I’m so incredibly grateful and lucky to have met you both. So far, we had some of the most unforgettable moments together that I will always treasure. Anna, my trip to Iceland; chasing the Northern Lights with you and your mother. It was cold but that chase was really awesome and that moment we were actually able to ‘catch them’ was unforgettable. Anna, our trip to Italy, the Walk of Gods, where we both almost ‘died’ of exhaustion. We laughed a lot. And then our trip to the USA back in 2014. Unforgettable! First time camping for Anna and 2 other unforgettable moments, you know what I’m talking about.

So when Niels asked me to marry him, I immediately knew who I wanted next to me on that special day as my witnesses. Anna & Anna, I can ‘t tell you both enough how lucky I am to have found you! You’ve been with me through the highs and the lows, you talked sense into me when I was acting crazy,… You both support me a lot ;). Thank you Anna & Anna, you mean the world to me, I love you both and I can’t wait to have you both next to me on my wedding day in a few months!! Here’s to a lot more adventures around the world!