What’s worked for me is

not quitting


being passionate about what I do


not giving up.

And when I don’t believe in myself, turning to others who believe in me.

Mark Jacobs

I’m very very lucky with my ‘tribe’. Sometimes I have way too much time to brainstorm, which leads to being quite creative and coming up with new charity ideas; my passion. It just pops into my head and it continues to keep me company until I start doing something with it. That process is a fun one but also a challenging one because I’m not easily pleased with what I create. So I often talk to my ‘tribe’, exchange ideas, thoughts,… What I truly love is that they are totally 100% honest with me, they motivate me when I’m doubting everything. They just believe in me and they often give me that little push that I need. Find your tribe, your support system,… I wouldn’t be where I am now, without them. Eternally grateful for them!