One of the first things I do in the morning, is checking out instagram. I know, it is a very bad habit, but I’m following some pretty amazing people on instagram and it is always great to see some new photos to start the day. Some people are so artistic, so talented. Wonderful to see! A few weeks ago I started following a new account; the instagram account of Cristina Colli. What I totally love about her photos is the simplicity, but at the same time her photos are so beautiful, authentic, telling a story, …  It makes you feel, which is amazing!

“I adore flowers, all things botanical, and tea. I take my photographs in natural light, to create still life images that feel authentic, evoke emotions, and tell stories. Photography for me is all about transforming one moment in time to tell a whole story: visual storytelling.”
Cristina Colli

Here are some of my favorite photos. All credit to Cristina Colli.

Beautiful right? More amazing photos on Cristina’s instagram, twitter and website.