Survival is not the same as living. Smiling is not the same as laughing your heart out. Thinking is not the same as having a deep conversation. Listening is not the same as really caring. Words are nothing if they are not spoken, and feelings are doomed to be erased if they are not expressed at the right time.
Sometimes we are afraid of taking that extra step that takes us from what is ordinary to what is extraordinary, that extra step towards really being happy, because happiness seems just too good to be true. It seems too far away to dream of. It seems too hard to get, too hopeless, too risky. But what is the point of realizing the extraordinary if you don’t go for it? You’re better off not realizing it and living a content life rather than realizing it and feeling hopeless about it. There is nothing wrong with what is ordinary, but if extraordinary chances come your way, let the happiness that your heart desires extend out and reach for them.

Najwa Zebian