That rush of packing bags, not knowing what to take and what not to take and often ending up with way too much stuff. Seems familiar? I actually love that feeling, because it means I will be traveling and discovering new places. Kim is someone who is truly enjoying life and she is so right. Her favorite kind of holiday?

The road trip kind of one! Always on the move. Ideally with one fixed base, then move about a lot. I love going home to Switzerland or Portugal or Spain too, because I know these places and take the time to actually relax.

Kim’s travel essentials are the following:

Camera, laptop, comfy shoes, clothes. I don’t know why it takes me bloody ages to always pack my suitcase! Oh the cars as well, always forget the cars! 

This is part of my Passionately Inspiring Series with Kim Leuenberger. Back in 2015 I interviewed her with the focus on ‘The Travelling Cars Adventures’ series. But she does a lot more than that. Her work is simply amazing and in this series I want to show that. Stay tuned for more posts. All photos in this series belong to Kim Leuenberger.

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