Kim moved from Switzerland to London to study photography at University of the Arts London. When I asked her about some favorite places in London this was her answer:

I don’t like being in London that much, but there are a few places I love more than others. My train usually rides on Blackfriars Bridge on my way to uni and the view is always quite special. 

Then Notting Hill is always a good idea!

Anyone else a fan of Notting Hill? Personally, I’m quite in love with London, it’s so different than where I’m from. I love these 2 photos of London taken by Kim. She really has an eye for detail. That shot of Notting Hill is amazing.

This is part of my Passionately Inspiring Series with Kim Leuenberger. Back in 2015 I interviewed her with the focus on ‘The Travelling Cars Adventures’ series. But she does a lot more than that. Her work is simply amazing and in this series I want to show that. Stay tuned for more posts. All photos in this series belong to Kim Leuenberger.

Next one up is: ‘Kim’s feel good place

You can follow Kim on instagram, Kim’s Travelling Cars Adventures instagram, website and her twitter.