We are a few months into 2016. Sometimes the start of a new year can be wonderful and full of exciting times. Kim had a few amazing moments so far.

I went to a cruise to Central America, fell in love with Colombia, Cartagena and Tayrona National Park.

Went back to Switzerland in the Graubuenden in Laax and had the most amazing day at Caumasee, but also went to Morgenstreich in Basel that weekend and it was amazing!

Strolling around Norfolk with my partner was just what I needed.

What’s to come for Kim in 2016 looks very promising. I’ve been following her work for a while and it’s great to see how successful she is. She is super busy with all kinds of projects, but she is really chasing her dreams, which is amazing to see. Currently she is working on finding a publisher for her book of adventures! Go Kim, a promising year for you!!

This is part of my Passionately Inspiring Series with Kim Leuenberger. Back in 2015 I interviewed her with the focus on ‘The Travelling Cars Adventures’ series. But she does a lot more than that. Her work is simply amazing and in this series I want to show that. Stay tuned for more posts. All photos in this series belong to Kim Leuenberger.

Next one up is: ‘Places Kim loves more than others’

You can follow Kim on instagram, Kim’s Travelling Cars Adventures instagram, website and her twitter.