Looking back can sometimes be amazing to reflect on the things that happened. When you take a look at Kim’s instagram, it is filled with so many beautiful moments. So when I asked Kim to look back at 2015, these are the moments she picked as her highlights:

All the times to Portugal, Graubuenden and a weekend in Copenhagen. My favourite place in the world. Can’t wait to go back!


This was taken after climbing a 3600m peak near Davos at 4am for sunrise. Never felt so cold in my life.

I went for a stroll around Copenhagen really early on a Sunday morning just by myself. It’s important to enjoy moments on your own!

Doesn’t it just make you want to travel and discover new places? Life is a grand adventure, an adventure I love!

This is part of my Passionately Inspiring Series with Kim Leuenberger. Back in 2015 I interviewed her with the focus on ‘The Travelling Cars Adventures’ series. But she does a lot more than that. Her work is simply amazing and in this series I want to show that. Stay tuned for more posts. All photos in this series belongs to Kim Leuenberger.

Next one up is: ‘2016, a promising year for Kim’

You can follow Kim on instagram, Kim’s Travelling Cars Adventures instagram, website and her twitter.