Last year I interviewed Kim Leuenberger. One of my favorite interviews and Kim her work is really amazing! I’m a huge fan!! She is super talented and I’m very happy that Kim wanted to be a part of my Passionately Inspiring Series. So next week Kim will be featured on my blog with the focus on traveling and her passion: photography.

One of the things Kim said in her interview last year and that I love was:

‘Traveling is my life. I haven’t stopped throughout my life, going from one place to the other. I love missing places and going back to them, I love that feeling between two visits where you can reflect on yourself. I have family all over, and call different places my home, I try to discover new ones also. A perfect holiday is based on photography, turning all around it, having a car and driving there and there to take the perfect memories. And good music in the car. And the sea, or water, but some nature outside the human world.’

Do check out her interview of last year here, if you want to know more about her. And definitely stay tuned for an amazing week filled with lots of photos taken by Kim! I’m very excited! 🙂