Santorini, probably is my favorite island so far. The colorful houses on top of the mountains are just breathtakingly stunning. I visited this Greek Island back in 2005. Santorini used to be one island, but because of volcano eruptions it now consists of 6 smaller islands. What I remember the most of that holiday, was our excursion to visit the volcano. Arriving at the volcano site it was striking to see that stones and sand were all pitch black and that there was quite some sulfur deposit on the rocks, caused by the volcanic gases. We were walking up the hills of the volcano, when suddenly everything went black, my vision was gone. I couldn’t see a thing. It was my first encounter with Altitude Sickness. Even though it was a scary moment for me back then, it is the moment I remember the most from that holiday. The volcano impressed me.

Besides visiting the volcano, we also visited a small village that was struck by an earthquake many years ago. Every single house was destroyed. They did build a new village, but they never touched the ruins as a reminder. The clock on the church still shows the time of the deadly event: 11 o’clock.

Santorini is an amazing island. The combination of the white and blue colors is beautiful. Visiting this island again is definitely on my ‘I-Want-To-Go-Back’ list.