One of the many things I love doing and something I invest quite a lot of time in, is interviewing people. Usually it’s via email, because of the time zones. I’m a very curious person and when the topic turns out to be very interesting, I’m kind of unstoppable when it comes to asking questions. For me, the interviews are part of my ‘lifelong learning process’. It’s unbelievable how much you can learn from passionate people. Every interview taught me something, a life-lesson, advice,… and that is what I love!

So here is a short recap of the interviews I’ve done so far and the things I’ve learned from them.

Food isn’t an expense, it’s an investment.

~ Dr. Alan Greene ~

B Corps are important because they highlight companies that are doing so much good and are not afraid to expose themselves and be totally honest about their practices.

~ Carolyn Gavin, Ecojot ~

Every little bit counts.

~ Sheila Morovati, Crayon Collection ~

I believe in combining the power of online media and good old-fashioned boots on the ground organizing.

~ Lindsay Dahl, BeautyCounter ~

Social media is powerful.

~ Justin, MaxLove Project ~

Passion and power, an unbeatable combi.

~ Dominique Browning, Moms Clean Air Force ~

We need to listen to each other’s stories. We need to know our own. We need to see ourselves in others.

~ Ann Marie Fleming ~

I love missing places and going back to them.

~ Kim Leuenberger, Traveling Car Adventures ~

Just go for it. Find the people that can help you visualize your idea the best way.

~ Sofia, The Biologist Apprentice ~

Find your passion and follow it. Educate yourself on that topic and forge partnerships or bridges with like-minded doers.

~ Erin Schrode ~

I don’t think working for yourself is more of a risk than working for someone else. It’s risky to put your career in anyone else hands. You might not be learning, you might not be getting to do the things you want to do. Getting stuck in park is dangerous for anyone.

~ Kyle DeWitt ~