Quotes and pictures. Something most of us love.

When I look at pictures they always (if it’s a good picture) make me feel something that I often can’t put into words. Those moments are amazing and they make a picture even better. Words can be extremely powerful. I have a few quotes that I love and that motivate me on a daily basis. I tried to link these quotes with a photo of Kyle DeWitt (feature of the month – February). You might of course link the photo with something totally different. If you do, do comment 🙂

Thorswell – this 20ft hole in the ocean. Photo by Kyle DeWitt

‘Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone

Sunset by Kyle DeWitt

‘Be your own kind of beautiful’


‘Everyone sees what your appear to be, few experience what you really are.’

Photo Kyle DeWitt

‘When you least expect it, something great will come along. Something better than you ever planned for.

Be Patient. Be Smart. Stay Grounded.’