This is another one of Kyle’s favorite pictures. And I totally get why. I met April 2 years ago (time flies) and she is a very kind, enthusiastic, fun,… person. Do check out her fashion blog “Fancy That.” Here is why Kyle loves this photo and what he thinks is important when taking pictures of people.

‘I love this shot of April. She was just getting her fashion blog off the ground and we were sneaking in photoshoots when we could. She wasn’t even posing in this one, she was laughing at me because I was standing in the middle of the street pretending like I was paparazzi. But it works because she’s a very natural version of herself there and that’s the goal with any model or any person that I work with – I want the most natural expressions and reactions to things. When you pose the camera can see it, it can tell when you’re trying super hard.’

This is a part of the ‘Passionately Inspiring Series’, featuring Kyle DeWitt during the month February. If you are interested in knowing more about Kyle and his passion for photography, do check out the interview we did. You can follow Kyle on twitter, instagram and he recently joined snapchat (@kyledewitt). For more of his work go to his website.