The TED talk of Shonda Rhimes is a talk I’ve been looking forward to since the day it was announced. Why? Because she is a titan. Changing the world of television and the world of many people.

Here are 5 things Shonda said in her talk, that I remember the most:

That feeling, you can’t help but strive for greatness at any cost. That’s called the hum.

We could all use a little more love, a lot more love.

Uninterrupted is key!

It’s about playing in general. Give yourself the 15 minutes. Find what makes you feel good. Just figure it out and play in that arena.

And the last one is probably the one that woke me up once again! Something I’ve been struggling with for a while now… .

So what do you do when the thing you do, the work you love, starts to taste like dust?