Sun Flowers, just off highway 90 in South Dakota – Credit Photo: Kyle DeWitt

I asked Kyle DeWitt to select 5 of his favorite photos, in random order. This is the third photo, taken during the summer of 2009, just off highway 90 in South Dakota. I love this photo, because it awakens my summer feelings. And I love summer! Always happy times. Kyle said the following on why he selected this photo as one of his favorites:

‘Just random. I was on a cross country road trip, moving my best friend to Seattle, and we kept passing these giant fields of sun flowers. Finally I just decide to heck with it, pulled over, hopped the fence and went out into the fields. I got a few good shots that day but this one always stands out because the flower in focus appears to be looking at the viewer. She’s staring right back at you, full bloom. I like that it was spur of the moment and that the flower has so much personality.’

This is a part of the ‘Passionately Inspiring Series’, featuring Kyle DeWitt during the month February. If you are interested in knowing more about Kyle and his passion for photography, do check out the interview we did. You can follow Kyle on twitter, instagram and he recently joined snapchat (@kyledewitt). For more of his work go to his website. Stay tuned for his other 4 favorite photos.