Dockweiler Beach, 2014. Credit photo: Kyle DeWitt

Another favorite photo of Kyle DeWitt. What I personally love about this photo is that it makes me wonder what the person at the end of the dock is thinking.  It gives a ‘sad’ impression, but as you’ll read in Kyle’s explanation, it is quite the opposite.

“The set up was for a landscape shot of the beach, when a couple of folks just jumped on the dock and ran down to the water. They were on their way to catch a plane back to wherever they were from and wanted to say good bye one last time. The thing that’s funny is the edit and the pose makes for a somber shot but that’s the camera playing tricks on the viewer. The reality was they were happy, dancing at the end of the pier, but since it’s a 2 min shot, the motion is smoothed into each other and everything feels still.”

This is a part of the ‘Passionately Inspiring Series’, featuring Kyle DeWitt during the month February. If you are interested in knowing more about Kyle and his passion for photography, do check out the interview we did. You can follow Kyle on twitter, instagram and he recently joined snapchat (@kyledewitt). For more of his work go to his website. Stay tuned for his other 3 favorite photos.