Speaking from the heart is in my opinion beautiful. There is something heroic about being able to share your thoughts without masking your true feelings.  It takes gut to do it, because either way there will always be people who judge you. The past few weeks I’ve been catching up on some reading and there were two remarkable things that I’ve read. They might seem a bit opposite but somehow I’m able to relate to them both.

The first thing I read is from a blogger whom I discovered a while back, ‘Life Love Gelato’. She is someone who genuinely blogs from the heart and I love reading her blogs. Recently she wrote this:

“Maybe I crave to be appreciated all the time, maybe I appreciate myself and know what I do… that it would be nice for others to see just the same. Is that a conceited thought? Is it a bad thing to sometimes need a compliment or some appreciation here and there?”

Appreciation is a feeling of which I don’t quite know how to handle all the time. When you get appreciation you feel like, you can handle the world and nothing can stop you. Driven by emotions and that is beautiful and honest. But when there is no appreciation, it can be dangerous. Dangerous as in; self-doubt, feelings of failure, waste of time, demotivated,… I felt like that a few times and that feeling truly sucks. It made me restless and self-doubt was a huge consequence of that.

I don’t think it’s bad to need a compliment once in a while. It is what keeps us all going. It’s safe to say that we all feel better and happy when you get a compliment. You will automatically do more than what is expected. It’s uplifting without a doubt. But it should not be the reason why you do something. And that is hard and something I truly struggled with.

As Sawyer Spielberg nicely said in his recent interview:

“I think people are afraid of letting go and giving. They want to make their marks, and they want to be important. But when you find importance in yourself, you don’t need other people to validate that…”

‘Find importance in yourself’. In the first place you should do it for yourself, not because you think it is expected. Do it because you love doing it, because it makes you feel like you, because it makes you grow as a person, because it makes you happy.
And if people do appreciate you or what you do, then cherish those people. Don’t let go of that joyful feeling. Those moments will lift you higher when it gets harder. Those are people that should definitely be in your life. Focus most of your attention on those who do appreciate you instead of those who take you for granted, but most of  all, do it for yourself!


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