Next week, February 15 2015, I’m turning 26. 26 already! Time is flying way too fast sometimes. Being 25 was quite a ride. I was so excited to finally be a ‘quarter century’, it sounded special, but it turned out to be a battlefield. A year filled with lots of challenges and a huge loss.

 Be truthful, gentle and fearless

When you’re young, you don’t really have to worry about a thing. Traveling with my parents and sisters and having the most amazing holidays was something I loved. I miss those silly moments that got us laughing so much. I’m grateful that I was able to collect those moments, because those moments keep me going when things are a bit harder.

Being fearless, is what I miss the most. Not being afraid to do something new, not being scared to open up, chasing dreams,…. Just doing whatever you want to do.

Live your dream and wear your passion

My ultimate dream… going international