Since the launch of The Honest Company almost 3 years ago , ‘The Honest Hand Sanitizer’ quickly became one of my top favorite Honest products. It was one of the first products I was able to try out and I was immediately sold.

One of the things (and the list is long) that I love about Honest is that they make promises but they also deliver. What they say or promise, what you see,… is exactly what you get and more. They even exceeded my expectations. The Honest Company is honest by not hiding anything. The bottles are transparent, so you see what you use. The labels are detailed, everything you need to know is on the product label. A culture of honesty and purpose is what we need to pursue nowadays and The Honest Company is definitely one of the leaders out there.

‘Beautiful inside and out’ is something I can say about all the Honest products. They are a delight, every detail is surprising. It definitely adds to the beauty of your surroundings and that is not something you can say of other product brands. I don’t want to hide my Honest products, I want to show them off!

The label of products is nowadays crucial. I’m someone who wants to know what I’m using and why it is added to a product. I’ve got some background of making ointments at school, so I already have some idea of what is added for what reason. But even if you don’t have any knowledge, all the ingredients are mentioned on the label and there is more information on the website. It is abundantly clear that they tell you everything. Not only the active ingredient, which is the substance that is biologically active, but they also name all the inactive ingredients. Basically ingredients that are present in the product, but do not affect the active ingredient. Everything you need is right in front of you.

  • Ethyl Alcohol, which is the active ingredient, has an antiseptic purpose
  • Hydroxyethyl cellulose is used as a gelling and thickening agent
  • Vegetable glycerin, which is a humectant; a substance that attracts moisture to the skin (hydration) and it can increase the solubility of the active ingredient
  • Aloe Vera, extracted from the succulent of leaves of the aloe vera plant, known for its healing and moisturizing effect
  • The natural pigments (f.e. chlorophylls) of Algae used as colorant
  • Vitamin E
  • Grapefruit / Orange / Lime Seed oil complex used as natural fragrances

The bottle itself is made of PETE. Free of BPA and Pthalates. I’ve got no words for the design, perfection is the best description I think. It’s a simple design, but so beautiful. It is a delight to look at.

The Honest Hand Sanitizer is available in 3 options. 2oz gel, 8oz gel or spray, but the effect is the same.
The smell is heavenly, your skin feels super soft, totally not dry and clean. It’s a must in every handbag. An excellent travel buddy!

If you love Honest the way I do, don’t forget to nominate them for the Cribsie Awards 2015. Simply go to: and nominate The Honest Company.

November is Movember month. Movember is a global men’s health movement with the ambition to contribute to improving the lives of men around the world. Men are challenged to grow moustaches during the month November and in this way spark conversation and raise funds for prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health problems. The Honest Company is currently donating $1 per Men product or ‘Mo diaper’ sold. And you can also support the Honest men effort in growing a moustache, for example Christopher Gavigan. Go to to donate and support!

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