I’m a huge fan of TED talks or TEDx talks. It is not only a way to spread ideas, but some speakers do make a change by talking about their passion, their research,… Some of them are really able to wake you up and I think that is what we all need sometimes.

Erin Schrode, the founder of Teens Turning Green, is someone who is extremely passionate about what she does, which is something I really love, and she was definitely able to spike my interest when I first read about her work a few years ago. In my opinion she is one of the few who go up on a stage, tell their story, make you question things, but she also gives you a better option. She basically wakes you up and guides you to a better solution. She educates and by that she is making some much needed changes!

One of the first questions she asked in her TEDx talk about “Conscious Consumerism” was: ‘Are you aware of the exposures that you are facing in your every day existence?’ Her talk made that very clear, but it gave me the ‘lets do something about it’ feeling. As Erin said: ‘We have the power to effect change’.

TEDxYouth@Princeton, January 2014.

“We are a petri dish, being used by these chemical companies”

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