Everyone who has been following this blog, must have noticed my admiration/passion for The Honest Company through the years. Christopher Gavigan said this about launching Honest: “Everything I stand for and all I’ve done over the last 15 years has come to this moment. I’m thrilled to launch a brand that offers some of the most thoughtfully designed, innovative, and safest products available.”
Since then I did my own research on what The Honest Company is about and I’ve been hooked. It’s been amazing to see The Honest Company evolve and grow to where they are nowadays. They started with a small team in a smaller office, which is now a team of 200 devoted and passionate people working in a huge open office. The product lines are expanding… The Honest Company is growing every single day and this process has been inspiring, educating, changing,…

‘Together we can make it better’

When I was finally in the USA on holiday, I was able to visit the headquarters of The Honest Company. I’d seen lots of pictures online of the new office, but seeing it in real life is still different. I was super excited to finally meet the people who I had been in contact with over the years and to see the place where everything happens! The moment I opened the Honest office doors, I felt like I was coming home. The reception is decorated in a way that makes you feel at ease and welcoming. A place where you can sit down and relax. And everyone is super friendly!

Honest logo

I had an appointment with April Grohmann, the social media manager at Honest. She has been part of The Honest Company Team since the very beginning. We had ‘email’ contact in the past few years about Honest so it was a true pleasure to finally meet ‘behind the computer screens’. April is someone who is truly passionate about her work and that is amazing to see. She believes in the founders, the Honest mission.
The product showroom, which is basically the room where you get a first glimpse of what Honest is about, is also the room of which I’d seen endless pictures of online. The products are displayed in an original inviting way. The wall of fame, which I like to call it, displays some of the creative diaper patterns. April’s favorite and mine too are the skulls. The cute playground definitely shows that Honest is all about families.

The Honest showroom

One of the things I was really excited about to see was The Honest Company Manifesto, created by Tim Hankins. I’m a huge fan of quotes and manifestos, but this Honest manifesto is a beauty. The core of what Honest is about. Hidden in the maze of statements and quotes is the Honest mantra ‘Together we can make it better’.

The amazing thing about The Honest Company office is the fact that it isn’t just a regular office, it’s an office that is motivating people to be creative, to find their passion, to really be part of Honest. It’s an office that I wouldn’t mind working at. Every place is creatively decorated with Honest quotes, pictures,… the stairs leading up to the Client Services department, is amazing! There clearly was some thinking about how to make working at Honest fun, motivating and inspiring. The fact that there is a ‘Mother’s’ room makes it even more obvious that Honest is a family friendly company.

‘Honestly….’ stairs

The most photographed Honest place (left) – Mother’s room (right)

‘Giving back’ is one of The Honest Company commitments. When we buy something, they make a donation to families in need.  Every Honest employee is contributing to that ‘Honest Goodness’ commitment. There are donation bags placed at the office, where employees can donate new and gently used items. One of the organizations that Honest supports is Baby2Baby. It provides low-income children ages 0-12 with diapers, clothing and all basic necessities. The Honest Company is eco-friendly, but not only when it comes to the products. There are also bikes available at the office for employees to use to go for lunch. There is a cute office garden, with a ‘LA Urban farm’, which is basically fresh and delicious (local) produce for the employees.

Honest Goodness donation bags

Pics Honest Visit Blog7

LA Urban farms

The Honest Company office is a great example of an open office. It is exactly what I imagined, only slightly bigger. It’s a huge space and it definitely had a ‘wow’ effect on me. But the decoration, the little details,… made it all perfect. I was really impressed by the cosy feeling I got even though the office is huge. I loved the idea of the ‘Honestly awesome’ wall, where employees can share their favorite places to eat or ‘explore’ activities. Great idea!

The awards Honest won so far

One of my favorite Honest treasures at the office, besides The Honest Company Manifesto, is The Honest Company Family Tree. I really love that tree! It’s a creative representation of the growth of Honest as a company. Starting from the bottom with the 4 founders ‘Christopher, Jessica, Sean and Brian’, growing into a beautiful tree with all the Honest employees. That tree is impressive! Knowing that Honest started with a rather small team and seeing how many people are now part of Honest is amazing. The Honest Company is one family and I think that makes Honest unique. Together they are making it better!

A big thank you to April Grohmann for the warm welcome, the tour of the office, the information, sharing your enthusiasm. Thank You to Christopher Gavigan for creating Honest and for sharing your passion. And thank you to everyone working at Honest, your devotion is amazing! It’s been a pleasure to catch a glimpse of the place where all the Honest magic happens! I’m honestly impressed!!

Stay tuned for some interviews with some Honest employees!

For more information about The Honest Company, go to honest.com, facebook, twitter, instagram,…