Every year I try to create something. Usually it is just a simple idea that pops up and keeps me company for a long time, waiting for me to act and do something with it. It starts as something that is personal but at the same time something I want to share with others for some reason.
About a year ago I had this idea of creating a key ring based on a quote ‘Stay True To Who You Are’, which is basically a quote I think everyone should at least ‘like’. It was a long process, with lots of moments where I thought ‘will people like it because we are all different’? I could have created that key ring and just kept it for myself because I liked it. But at some point, I felt confident about this creation and I made the decision to share it with other people. Some people knew of the idea and saw it developing into the final product. And they liked it and I was happy. But they warned and reminded me that not everyone might like it, because we are all different. And then the doubting comes back into play.

A few months ago I bought the book ‘Daring Greatly – How the courage to be vulnerable transforms the way we Live, Love, Parent, and Lead’ – written by Brené Brown. The reason I bought this book was because I saw her TED talk ‘The power of vulnerability’ which I really loved.

Anyway I bought the book but somehow it just ended up on my bookshelf and I didn’t have time to read it. Until a week ago. I started reading and everything made sense to me. There was one part that really described how I felt when I created my ‘Token of ValYOU’ project.

‘You’ve designed a project or created a piece of art that you want to share….But because of how you were raised or how you approach the world, you’ve knowingly or unknowingly attached your self-worth to how your product or art is received. In simple terms, if they love it, you’re worthy.; if they don’t, you’re worthless’.

‘If they love it, you’re worthy; if they don’t, you’re worthless’, which is a good summary of all the feelings I got when I did launch my project. The fact that I knew that some people might not like it was discouraging, but I tried to ignore that feeling. Because when I got my delivery with my key rings and I held one in my hands for the first time, I was proud of what I created.

And one sentence that Brené Brown said in her book that made me realize that I should indeed be proud is:
‘Regardless of the outcome, you’ve already dared greatly, and that’s totally aligned with your values,; with who you want to be.’

So be ready for my next project, because the idea did already pop up and I’m ready to act!