When was the last time you held a pen in your hand and wrote a letter? A real letter?
I’ve been reading quite a lot about ‘writing letters’ lately and it made me think.

I wrote quite a lot of letters when I was younger, not that I’m old now. When I was 10 – 11 years old, I moved with my parents and promised my friends that I would write them regularly and tell them about all my adventures, my new school, how much I missed them,… and I kept that promise. I loved getting their letters, especially the handwritten ones. They seem so much more personal than the typed ones. But there came an end to writing the letters. We all grow up, we make new friends, things change,… and you sometimes do forget to write. You don’t really realize what is important until it is too late.

Which is a shame, because so many traditions disappear. For example, when my mom talks about her relationship with my dad, she often tells about the ‘love letters’ they wrote to each other. I never got a handwritten love letter. Maybe I’m a bit ‘old fashioned’ but that is quite romantic… Boys might think it’s not though.
I always wanted to have a pen pal. I did have my friends that I wrote to, but the actual thought of writing to someone far away, who you don’t really know and vice versa sounds great. I’m not sure if there are still lots of people out there who have a pen pal and still send handwritten letters? It sounds unique and special to me. Something to treasure.

I’m always happy when I have mail, but it would be fun to have a handwritten note or a postcard once in a while, instead of bills. I got a postcard from a friend living in South Africa a few months ago and that was a total surprise! It made my day!

So if anyone is looking for a pen pal or wants to revive that tradition, you can always contact me! 🙂