“You don’t need a certain number of friends, just a number of friends you can be certain of”

I can honestly say without being ashamed ‘I don’t have lots of friends’. I never had. I didn’t have a whole crew of people around me at highschool and I wasn’t that popular. Which I didn’t really wanted to be, but in a way I did wanted my talents to be ‘recognized’. And that worked out pretty well. I honestly was more annoyed by the ‘popular’ girls or boys who thought they were everything. There will always be groupies no matter what, the popular ones and the not popular ones. It’s not that I wasn’t fun or that I was boring, I just had other interests. They say that you choose your friends and I definitely have to agree with that. I’m pretty ‘picky’ when it comes to ‘allowing’ someone to be a friend. Sometimes it just happens, other times it doesn’t. I need to feel comfortable to be able to open up to someone.

My closest friend, and I mean the one that knows me 100%, here in Belgium is actually my mother… My mom just gets me, I don’t need to say anything and she knows when there is something wrong. Sometimes we just have to look at each other and we know what we are both thinking. She is my soulmate and I feel blessed! I do have friends that know me better than other ones, but I can count them on my 2 hands. I don’t need a huge number of friends to be happy.
The funny thing is that most of my greatest friends are international. That means that I don’t see them daily, but I really try to see them once a year. It’s definitely one of my priorities. One thing that I know for sure is that I LOVE my friends. They are all one of a kind and I respect them all!

My mom and me

One of the things I love while being on twitter, is to see the interaction between Jessica Capshaw and Sasha Alexander. Lots of fans call them “LLBFFs”. I sometimes think it’s rare to see a friendship like that, but they do exist and we should all cherish friendships like that. Jessica and Sasha both have a super busy life being a mom, wife, actress, activist,… They seem to have lots in common and their tweets show how much respect and love they have for each other. Amazing to see!

Jessica Capshaw and Sasha Alexander

If you want to witness a beautiful friendship, definitely follow Sasha and Jessica on twitter. @JessicaCapshaw @SashaAlexander1. It’s wonderful to see! Be amazed and inspired!

“Good friends are like stars, you don’t have to see them to know they are there.”