Something I discovered by accident: ‘Desert Breath’; a land art project created by D.A.S.T Arteam in 1997 in the Eastern Sahara desert. The desert was addressed as a state of mind or a landscape of the mind. It’s a mix of cones and sand is used as the natural formation. The cones surround a vessel filled with water to its rim. That was in 1997.

The art work functions on 2 different levels: a visual image from above and a physical experience by walking the spiral pathway.
Time doesn’t stand still, so the artwork is changing every single day. It’s in a way affected by daily life. The cones are changing shapes and the water in the center is disappearing. The artwork can be seen as an instrument to measure the passage of time.

Coordinates of Desert Breath are: 27°22’54.59″N, 33°37’48.46″E