‘This heart of mine was made to travel’

If there is one thing that I spend quite a lot of money on… it’s travelling! It’s my most expensive ‘thing’ to do. Since I love travelling, ‘saving money’ is not my best talent. However, I don’t regret travelling at all. You only live once and I’m quite curious. I love to go on adventures and I love to explore. Travelling is something I need to do to be happy in a way and to have a ‘break’ once in a while.

Bieke, Mama, Hanne & Ik

Thanks to my parents I’ve seen quite a lot of places and countries; Greece (Corfu, Kos, Santorini, Rhodes), Italy, Egypt, France,… Travelling became an extremely important value in my life. It’s a way to get to know myself and to realize even more that you should be grateful.

There are so many places / countries I want to visit, but a few on my ‘definitely to visit’ list are: USA (which is happening in the summer of 2014), Iceland, South of Africa, Maldives,… But my list is kinda endless.