“Together we can make it better”

2013 is coming to an end. It’s pretty great to look back and see what you’ve achieved in a year or what others have achieved. Everyone who has been following my blog or my tweets know that I’m a pretty committed Honest Company supporter. Even my friends, family,… must sometimes think I’m Honest ‘crazy’, but there is nothing wrong with being committed to a change-maker, something that is vital to the community and our world.

I have been an Honest Company ‘fan’ / ‘promotor’ / ‘supporter’ since the very beginning. It is a company I believe in. Nowadays I compare it with an ‘all-inclusive’ company: Products, advice, support, service, social, generosity,… you can find everything you need at The Honest Company.

Honest Volunteer Day

Once The Honest Company turned 1 I was amazed! So many products, a great vision, refreshing in a way. 2 years later, The Honest Company is still surprising me on a daily base with their devotion to improve our lives. It is not just about the products, it is also the fact that they are available non stop, that they do listen to their customers,… They are open to discussions, they are honest about what’s inside their products, they continue to improve,… They never stop!

2013 has also been a year of new collections and new products. There is the ‘Health and Wellness’ categorie and ‘The Collective’. They are also shipping to Canada now!
Something I didn’t expect at all was the first Honest book ‘The Little Woodsman and the Winter Fox’. A lovely and original idea for the kids. I’m definitely hoping for more ‘chapters’ to this adventure in 2014.

Health And Wellness

The Collective

Honest in Canada – Christopher Gavigan and Jessica Alba

Since I love discussing certain topics I’m a huge fan of the Honest blog. I loved the guest blogs of Kate, Juli, Serena, Jessica, Nicole,… A favorite topic of mine, since I have a scientific background is the ‘What’s inside’ topic. This gives an honest, clear view of why they are using certain ingredients in their products. It’s something that we all should know. The labelling of products is nowadays more and more important and Honest is doing a wonderful job. The ‘Honest Goodness’ blogs are a joy to read. Ashley King, the Social Goodness manager is outstanding in what she does. It’s amazing and inspiring to know that The Honest Company is not just about creating and selling their products, but also about caring about the environment, being generous, showing their passion and devotion, being ‘human’. And that is what makes Honest unique, it is not just a company.

I would like to thank everyone who is an active part of the Honest Company. The founders, Jessica, Christopher, Sean and Brian, THANK YOU for sharing your passion, devotion, knowledge, dreams,…  Everyone working at Honest (April, Ashley, Tim,…)  thank you for your time, devotion, hard work,… Thank you all for CARING! Have a wonderful end of 2013 and an even greater start of 2014.

“Gratitude opens the door to… the power, the wisdom, the creativity of the universe”
Deepak Chopra