The Honest Company has been founded in 2011. Their amazing story has been evolving every single day and it’s pretty impressive what they have achieved so far. A review…

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The Honest Company was founded by Jessica Alba, Christopher Gavigan, Sean Kane and Brian Lee.
I look at The Honest Company as something that was/is the wake up call for every parent. Letting them know that there are people out there who are working non-stop to make the world a better place for their children, their health,…

“When I became a mom, I finally became the person I am, that I always should have been,” she says. “It’s the most satisfying job in the world. But, it can also be overwhelming and confusing. I created The Honest Company to help moms and to give all children a better, safer start.” – Jessica Alba

“Everything I stand for and all I’ve done over the last 15 years has come to this moment,” he says of The Honest Company. “I’m thrilled to launch a brand that offers some of the most thoughtfully designed, innovative, and safest products available.” – Christopher Gavigan

Christopher – Brian – Jessica – Sean
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So what has changed since the start in 2011? That answer is pretty obvious: A LOT!!

They started out as a company focused on babies and their health. But soon after, they added more categories to their offer. Starting with everything you need to raise your baby: the ‘diapers and wipes’ bundle. The essential bundle, consisting of premium natural, non-toxic personal care & home cleaning essentials: hand soap, bubble bath, hand sanitizer, laundry detergent, Lip Balm, healing balm, face and body lotion, dish soap, bug spray, rinse aid,….
And more recently they have introduced a 3rd bundle to their range of products, ‘the Health and Welness bundle’;  gentle and enriching whole-food vitamins & supplements. In this bundle they offer: DHA – Omega 3, Prenatal Multi-Vitamin, Baby and Toddler Multi Vitamin and Kid’s multivitamin.

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The Honest Company also offer bundle packages or collections of their products: new baby arrival collection, housewarming collection, bath time collection,… which can all be given as gifts. Also available are gift cards, a diaper cake, …
There are lots of options at the Honest shop. There is a monthly subscription service for members and everything you need is available at the online store. Definitely worth checking out. Currently, Honest is shipping to the US and Canada!! Hoping Europe will be possible in the near future!
A new innovation from Honest is ideas on how to use their products in ways people would have never thought. For example: you can use the ‘oxy boost’ to whiten your walls. The body lotion has 5 surprise uses.
If you are interested in the ‘why do we need honest’ you can always read the inspiring book ‘Healthy Child, Healthy World’, by author and co-founder of Honest, Christopher Gavigan. You can also get to know Jessica Alba better and her reasoning for starting Honest, in her book,‘The Honest Life’.

Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan

The design of the products is really up-to-date. The creative mind behind it all is Director of design Tim Hankins and his team. The great ‘delivery boxes’ that you receive at your front door with the amazing quote, is unique. The look of a product is no matter what you say, important. It makes or breaks a product. People like the ‘good looking’ products, the attractive, original, modern design plays a role in buying or not buying a product. Tim Hankins is doing a wonderful job!! There is also an HonestBaby app available on itunes!

The Honest team has grown in size since their foundation. They now have more than 100 employees. They have recently expanded into a new ,bigger, office, which was celebrated greatly!! We recently got a sneak peek and I have to say the Honest Manifest on the walls is pretty amazing. The Honest office looks so inviting and I think it feels like a home. A home at your job.

Jenny, Ashley, Jessica, Christopher, Janine, April and Melissa

Since the start of Honest they also started the Honest blog, which is now a Mediapost award finalist for best blog. The blogs are simply amazing and they totally deserve this award. There are ‘DIY’ posts with pretty original ideas, Inside Honest; which allows you to get to know the Honest team,  What’s inside; is more of a scientific and honest explanation about certain molecules present in products, What’s new; introducing new products, a look at a product process, Q&As, …The great thing about these blogs is that you are able to interact with other Honest members and with Honest itself. They really do ask for your opinion and try to improve everything. They are ready to listen! There are also great guest bloggers, like stylesmaller (stylish blogs for kids written by Kate), nutrition blogs,…

One of my favorite things about Honest are the Social Goodness projects. Ashley King, the Social Goodness manager, is the one coming up with all these amazing projects. Creating volunteer events for the Honest company employees, planning upcoming Honest- sponsered events,… The events and projects are great so far. Honest is giving back to the community by non-profit partnerships. As Ashley described it: ‘My ultimate job is to ensure that we are benefiting people and planet first, profit second. It is pretty awesome!’ And I gotta say, I love her title ‘Social Goodness Manager’.

Ashley King – Honest Goodness Manager

This month Honest is supporting the ‘National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month’. It’s a pretty simple idea, but the impact can be big. By sharing on facebook a badge, supporting the ‘National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month’, Honest will donate $1 to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
A non-profit partnership that I love is the one with Baby2baby. Baby2Baby is a LA-based organization, providing families in need with the essential baby gear and clothes for children up to age 12. So far, this partnership has had a big impact on families. The partnership between Honest and Baby2Baby is an important one.

To celebrate the launch of their Kid’s Multi vitamins, Honest also partnered with non-profit Vitamin Angels. They work on the importance of providing micronutrients to children around the world.
The Honest Company also supports the Safe Chemicals Act. Why? Because children and actually everyone is vulnerable to chemical products. They want a stronger legislation to protect their children and family from harmful toxins in everyday products.


Like I said before there are also Honest (volunteer) events for the employees. Giving blood to the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, A Baby2Baby volunteer day, babyShowers, there was the earth hour challenge (I think we still need to see the honest kids dressing the honest employees ;)),… The very first employee Volunteer day was a special one. They build a community garden at the Widney High School in one day or less, inspired by the Garden School Foundation.

The ‘Make It better’ blogs are wonderful. Giving us different options on how we can make a change, giving information about sustainable energy, like Solar Energy,… you learn something when you go through the blogs.

The Honest Company also got the B Corporation certification. This B (benefit) corporation certifate means that they ‘use’ their power  and resources for public good. We benefit from companies like Honest.

The impact of one person can be very significant. All these events and projects show that Honest is more than just an ordinary company. It’s a company that is making a change, that wants to share their passion,… So join them in their wonderful journey!!

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